Proustian Paths

Episode 2: Madeleine Cakes and Tea

The madeleine cake sequence is the most famous moment in Marcel Proust's classic novel In Search of Lost Time - and one of the best known passages in all of European Literature.

Discover why in this episode of Proustian Paths. Join your audio tour guide James Holden as we pause on our gentle walk through Proust's classic novel to enjoy tea and cake, and to take in the literary-critical view.

Episode 1: Waking and Sleeping

In Episode 1 of Proustian Paths, we set out on our gentle walk through the text of Marcel Proust's classic work, In Search of Lost Time.

Your audio tour guide James Holden will steer you safely through the difficult opening passages of the novel. He will provide you with a map of the section, highlight its landmarks and show you the best literary-critical views.

Proustian Paths: Trailer

Proustian Paths is the podcast that will take you on a gentle walk through a classic work of literature: Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time.

James Holden is your audio tour guide for this journey. He'll draw you a literary map, mark on it the novel's key features and show you the very best critical views. This trailer will prepare you for the coming journey.

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